The Blog study of the Coast Roast

The Blog study of the Coast Roast





Personal reflection

 The experience at the coast Roast was great with the elegant customer services and friendly staff members. I was warmly welcomed by a real smile from the staff before I made my order of the wedges for the day (Armstrong, Saunders & Wong, 2008). The inside of the café was made of simple but well-arranged chairs with a nice cleaned floor and a sweet room aroma that was a bit far not to interfere with someone’s appetite with no background music which means someone can make a call and converse with the neighbor without sound hindrance.  Moreover, the store was well arranged with the exhibition of large menus and government warnings on the sides to show the legality of their services. The location was also paramount as you will not walk far from the center of Cairns to get to the café.  Moreover, there was something worthy of notice on the kind of marketing strategy based on the café. There was no any element of promotion being done to market the café for the validity of their services (Behera, 2008).

The strengths of the café include, they could sell without performing promotion (Böhm, 2008). They believed that the services were worth personal selling due to the kind of excellence and customer services being done at their café. However, the uses café uses the BTL promotion that was based on the outdoor media just to attract the new clients who have not experienced their quality services. Therefore, once the customers find themselves in, next time they will automatically come with a friend. For example, I still admire the place, and once I come to Cairns, I will visit the café once more.  Additionally, the café managed allowed innovation techniques to be used such as the inventory placed behind the counter was a good sight for the clients. The weaknesses include the absence of after sale services like instructing the customer care to take the contacts of customers for check-ups.


The café has a well personal promotion that is based on good prices of the meals, friendly customer services in rendering the services to the clients. Well cleaned and elegant furniture to outdoor the other competitors are present. Moreover, the café is offering a wide variety of products that would serve at least 90% of all the clients request expected in the café. These products are based on the flexible nature of the firm since it existed only to sell, but due to the requests and demands, there have managed to prepare some varieties like the foodstuffs and alcohol for the clients who take the brand (Ivy, 2008).  However, I will recommend on the external promotion to be done even though the internal one sells most. These will increase the number of the new client who doesn’t know what the company is providing. I will also suggest the use of the book like menus for privacy cases so that everyone’s eyes would not be at the wall whenever they are taking orders. The level of cleanliness and customer interaction should be emphasized for the sake of marketing of the café. A well-treated client like me will eventually come with other people. This medium is a silent and comfortable way of promoting the products and the services of the company that would cost them much when done externally through the media desks.


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