The book of Job vs. Ellison, Harlan – Repent, Harlequin said…Ticktockman

The book of Job vs. Ellison, Harlan – Repent, Harlequin said…Ticktockman






Question 1

The theophany of God in the Book of Job 38-42 represents the anger of God to humankind.  He comes out allowed with the discontent of humans towards his supremacy.  At the beginning of chapter 38, he appeared to Job in a storm and asks ‘’ who is this that obsequies my plans with words without knowledge?’’ The entire chapter is a dialogue between God and Job about human thoughts and mindset.  Throughout the chapters, God speaks showing what he has done that human cannot do or learn what is happening. For example, he says look at the Behemoth which feeds on the grass and the power that it possesses, where does it come from.  The almighty God was angry with humankind with their meaningless complaints on the negative happenings in the society, and that is silent perhaps doing nothing. However, he displayed his majesty on the things he is performing without the knowledge of humans.

Question 2

Both God and Ticktockman express and address the talks of his staff and the lodgers about him and perhaps what he is doing (Ellison 1997).  They call him the master of time on his face but Ticktockman out of the mask and what is capable of. In both cases, there is an address to represents the lack of knowledge and foolish words to the people addressed. God says that ‘’who is this that obscures my plans with words without knowledge.’’  On the same note, Ticktockman addresses the staff as ‘’ who is this Harlequin?’’, an indication that, perhaps there were ignorant talks behind him from the staff.  In both situations, there is general address to the people as if they are unknown as ‘’who is this?’’

Question 3


Ticktockman had a forgiving heart, and that is why he considers repentance as a tool to mean sorry for the mistake that people do. After Harlequin is found and arrested for his actions, he still manages to say

‘’Repent Harlequin’’ He has a pure heart that can forgive the evil that the staff did and not quick to punish. The same character is revealed in the book of Job where despite the evil complain of humankind about the action and supremacy of God, Job sorbs for mercy and repentance which is perhaps the heart of God.  He is perhaps angry with humans, but he renders down and performs things in silence (Ellison 1997). The Ticktockman despite the mischievous actions of the staff, he still manages to remain silent and then say two words ‘’Repent Harlequin.’’

Question 4

Perhaps, I think that it’s a representation of Christ, the son of the almighty God. He was sent to the world, and the world did not understand him, and in return, he got much humiliation. According to his ministry through the books John, Mathew, Mark, and Luke we came to realize that the same people stone him after preaching in his city of Nazareth. Despite that, they crucified him, and all that he could say is that ‘’Father? Forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing?’’  The article of the Ticktockman and also the book of job is a representation of mercy despite the problems. These also represent the act of pure heart and mercy from Jesus in the New Testament. Jesus the son of God went through a massive physical pain but still managed to declare forgiveness to the entire world.


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