Western Illinois University Enterprise Architecture project

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Western Illinois University Enterprise Architecture project

The aspect of decision making about construction is sometimes challenging depending on the availability of choices to make. Therefore, as a consultant for the Western Illinois University Enterprise Architecture project, I would check on the viability of the proposed framework that is available based on past projects and the time it has been on the market. Therefore, I would take an approach of choosing the Zachman Framework due to the significant facts and based on what the enterprise wanted to make in the market. Perhaps, Zachman Framework is the best from the other two that is the open group and the Meta framework (Zachman). Its extensive market obtained from the continuous use of the entire globe. The EACOA company architecture has been engaging the Zachman project since its start and has perhaps established a branch of the project based on the qualities and contents to assist in the architecture.

Zachman framework has become a global standard to express and laying out the essential framework for the enterprise architecture. Moreover, it has the necessary tools and equipment that every enterprise needs for the performance of the task (Zachman. The framework intends to provide a human consumable understanding of the viewed artifact that is required by any enterprise. The Western Illinois University needs a framework that can provide the templates and all the information with a complete guidance on the content of the framework. Therefore, the Zachman Framework is the best choice for the project at the University for the Establishment of an effective plan that has the right objective. The varsity is expected to provide an outline of the project they want to establish for purposes of making decision making and implementation.

This framework provides a highly structured way that can be used in viewing the enterprise. It consists of a two-dimensional classification model based on the intersection of the communication model questions such as (what, where, why, how, who and when) according to the stakeholders (Visionary, design, owner builder, implementer and the workers). Since the western Illinois university Enterprise project is needed to answer the question above about the current plan, the Zachman Framework is the best choice to respond to such questions (Zachman). Therefore, the artifact provides vivid distinctions on the nature of the architecture based on the answers to the questions model supplied in the framework. The enterprise framework suggests that in addition to the stakeholder’s group representing the transformational from business understanding to the actual deployment of the technology.

Moreover, the framework among the other represents a complete, non-redundant and a detailed coverage of the university enterprise. The enterprise architecture is described regarding the framework leading to an encouragement that there is more to an organization than just data and functions. The structure has an advantage in the provision of the kind of project that is to be held or on the other hand performed. The university enterprise needs structural information that can be provided through an extensive framework for adequate evaluation and analysis. More to the analysis and assessment, the project offers a multiple of issues such as planning of the enterprise a factor that is not provided by the other framework. The enterprise outline on the project is essential for evaluation of the sketch for the actual building (Zachman).

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