Baltimore community foundation

Baltimore community foundation





The Baltimore community foundation is an organization which exists to transform the Baltimore community through developments and improving the economy. The vision is to boost a growing economy where all have an opportunity to thrive. Therefore, as the CEO of the foundation has checked on the reports on the Baltimore city public primary schools and I realized that they are in adverse conditions. We have come to realize that there are no doors and windows. The roofs are also leaking due to the old situation since the constructions range between the years 1946 to 1985 regarding age. The new Jacob reports also indicate of incomplete electrical appliances and broken windows which can lead to accidents to our children. Therefore, as the CEO of the foundation in agreement with the other board chairpersons as Patricia Chandler and another team to improve the conditions of the Baltimore city public schools in regards to changing the environment (Corrigan, 2011).

The old building should be abolished and the new ones constructed as first as possible since our children have been learning in pathetic conditions. Some people say that the buildings do not increase the performance of the pupils, but the number and the presence of suitable teachers do have an impact. However, we do say that the learning environment is as impactful as the right teachers. The pupils in the excellent environment will ensure that they are not afraid of the condition like for example when it’s raining or in the case of a storm. The schools are worse than the houses where we stay, and it’s in the schools that our children spend most of their time. A good environment such an s good building will ensure that the pupils learning are not disrupted by changing situations of the environment (Corrigan, 2011). 

The education adequacy and functional capacity depend on the structural conditions of our schools. The poor buildings and status of the schools have influenced the academic performance of the students compared to the private ones (Corrigan, 2011). Moreover, there has also been a reduced admission with some of the able parents taking their children to the private schools. These have impacted the population of the Baltimore city public schools as most people have begun to say that it’s a school for the needy and desperate people in the society. These issues have brought some division regarding social classes which are not right in the Baltimore community. Therefore, we must stand with all the public schools and make transformational changes in the general terms according to the role and the vision of the foundation.

These problems and issue raised about the Baltimore public schools have been reported in Jacobs’s reports, and it’s an actual situation. Almost 69% of all buildings were rated poor, and 27% of them were severely recommended to be replaced immediately (Corrigan, 2011). Therefore, the cost of fixing the problem is estimated to be $2.5 Billion that can be raised to make the changes for the better Baltimore community. It has come to notice that the more time we take to make the changes the more expensive the problem becomes in terms to the cost factor. Therefore, it would be better if we can impose a policy to start replacing the buildings and repairing what is necessary such as fixing new electrical appliances.


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