Human Ecology Perspective

Human Ecology Perspective





The economic inequality is fair since it ensures that every individual is placed according to the education level, amount of income and the living in the balancing of the society.  For example, Ursula and Ed worked together and were earning minimum wage though Ursula was high academically than Ed. However, when Ursula got married, he was raised into another social class than Ed. Therefore, economic inequality is fair in ensuring that those who work hard are not at the same level with the lazy individual to encourage hard work.

Doug had no right to vent his anger in that manner since it was not Ed and Fred’s fault for him to miss the chance and opportunity that they got. He should understand that comparing ourselves to the success of other people only leads to pain and regrets over lost opportunities. Therefore, still has a chance to redeem his life and make it more productive. Thus, instead of venting the anger, he should ask for assistance to achieve something in life.

Doug has a psychological problem which is holding his success regarding social and economic. He is bitter with life due to the financial status of other people, and this increases his anger. Therefore, a counselor should be involved to assist Doug in recovering from the past regrets about others and concentrate on changing his life. The person will also contribute to control his anger that brings more challenges due to the fights that he ventures with the other people. If he can be assisted in managing his anger, then people will be willing to help him and change his life ecologically.


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