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Who; Richard B. Kielbowicz to the The commitment of the constitutions in promoting the circulation of the news through the mails.‘’ while the former promised that that the federal government would not restrict the freedom of the press, the latter was then committed to the nation’s resources to forge by using the joint private publishers.’’ ‘’ both the republicans and the federalists understood that the same policy –low newspaper postage and their advanced political goal. The federal also assumed that the global circulation of the news and the political discord of the central ……..government and hence promoting party cohesion.’’The book explains why Richard acknowledges the support of the united states postal rates and the school of journalism. Moreover, illustrates the happening that took place immediately after the ratification of the constitution and perhaps what the congress did.  The article also explains on the aggressive use of the mails by the partisans. There were much of the assumptions believed by both the federal and the republicans on the important aspects like free press clause. The book introduces the political goal of both the federal and republicans on the use of the mails in the communication sectors.


There was conflict and change witnessed in the early years of the American republic. The northerners established an industrial order which brought some troubles both at work and also within families; this meant that the whole country would be affected as the captured slaves were most influential members of their families and the community at large as they were breadwinners of their families and they imparted the nation positively. The plantation extended slavery which was done by the white northerners while the anti-slavery group grew above the Mason-Dixon Line.  In the western part of America, the Native Americans battled the newly arrived Yeomen, people in business and farmers for dominion over the land.Across the young country several groups African Americans, poor white men fought for full citizenship while others opposed equality, The Mexican-American War (1846-1848) marked the end of the period with violence that cooled down the Civil War, (Huston & James, 2004).

The primary sources of communication such as letters, diaries, political cartoons, photographs, engravings, newspaper debates, and paintings recreate the drama of that era. Rebecca Burlend, an American English woman, recounts the hardships and achievements of her life on the Illinois frontier in a letter to a friend Thomas Jefferson, he illustrates his Indian policy that Tecumseh the Native American leader makes his way on Indian unity against white Americans. James Henry Hammond, a wealthy farmer, coordinates his overseers on how to manage slaves. Meanwhile, Joseph Taper informs his former master about the freedom he enjoys after escaping to Canada this is automatically viewed from the fact that he could not even afford to express his ideas and demand to be heard unlike before.  Slavery was an aspect of life that was difficult for many Democrats to endure as it directly involved work under dictatorship without any form of appreciation, this divided the country.

The history is emotional as it makes people reflect back on the afflictions they endured during that era, Frederick Douglass account of being beaten up by white ship workers and the humiliation he underwent this was difficult as he couldn’t defend himself from the wrath of that worker who seemed not to have a human heart, this clearly demonstrates a high breakout of a virulent form of racism. Leaders, on the other hand, made the situation worse as they not only invited, used hate speech during their talks with the people but also drew the ordinary voters to politics this was mainly done by the party leaders of New York democratic who were full of their selfish ambitions. All these would be stirred up during congressional speeches which revealed the underlying emotions that made the situation in the country worse as more of the dramatically era was experienced. This affected the country economy as when they were busy managing loses other countries that were less developed were making profits Huston,(Huston & James,2004).

A significant difference can be viewed primarily after the slavery period as a better system on how to live together as one was formed on how different people from the various ethnic group, race, gender and also professionalism. These can relate better as one family in multiple ways following one rule meaning there is no better person than the other as all are treated with respect and equally according to the governing laws. A picture essay portrays the national patriotism of American families in a group of ten, and this serves as a better deal.


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