The Responses

The Responses





Response 2

I agree with the factor that working as a human resource manager needs the leader to have an idea and understands the policies that are placed in the line of operation. This is to get rid of any negative talks and complains about service in the departments that have more of mirrors from the outside society on the issue of discrimination, especially for the disabled people. Therefore, this has come from the fact that most of the disabled individuals and women have been undermined with the performance of the human resource leaders making some demands apart from the qualification factors of the job descriptions. I have witnessed some of the black and white areas of the organization through lots of ‘’if’’ and ‘’but’’ raised by some of the individuals who are perhaps not happy with the way some of the Human resource leadership is handled. The department has the mandate to manage the employment, payment and other decisions that might affect some individuals (Cochrane & McKeown, 2015).

I believe that the role of the human resource leaders is to hire and also check on the life of the employees to understand the situations. This is perhaps tied to the fact that a stressed worker will not be able to perform well in the organizations. The relationship between the workers and leaders is essential for boosting the performance of the organization. However, according to the post, it’s vivid that some policies deny the employees of their rights for a suitable environment. On the other hand, I believe that there are workers’ rights that are being protected by the constitutions that cannot be waved through the act of ignorance. The role of the workers is to understand their rights in the organization.


Cochrane, R., & McKeown, T. (2015). Vulnerability and agency work: from the workers’ perspectives. International Journal of Manpower, 36(6), 947-965.

Response 3

My opinion on decision science is based on the fact that it incapacitates the variety of thoughts that are varied to make a practical decision.  The definition provided as ‘’ decision science is an interdisciplinary of math, business, design thinking and behavioral science that enables an effective decision.’’  And perhaps this meets my response criteria on the factors that that would influence the efficient decision making process (Bolman & Deal, 2017). I do agree that decision science is being interpreted differently depending on the individuals in the organization and the mission of the goals and therefore, for this reason, I would say that every organization ought to take decision science seriously and respond adequately.  Thus, an organization should be able to understand the levels of decision science to assist it in meeting the required threshold in the success of its operation. Therefore, apart from the decision science achieved through effective planning, I would suggest active implementers in the organization through good managers and motivated employees.

Therefore, it’s true that decision science can be used as a science when human resource managers apply is applying their skills obtained as the human resource to enact the right principles in the efficient decision making process.  Moreover, it can be used as an art in the case where the human resource managers by making changes to their ways of thinking to influence the outcome of the organization’s operations.  Therefore, it’s the role of the human resource department to come up with various arrays on analysis of the human behavior and good relationship during the period of work to enact good performance. Moreover, I have come to understand that the human resource leaders are supposed to get information from the white books and the labor departments on the policies that should apply in the organization (Bolman & Deal, 2017).


Bolman, L. G., & Deal, T. E. (2017). Reframing organizations: Artistry, choice, and leadership. John Wiley & Sons.

Response 4

First, I want to thank you for the post on management and the role of making decisions. I want to agree on the fact that it’s the mandate of the manager to make decisions. In the society today, I have realized that in a good and successful organization the role of decision making is not entirely on the managers since their point can be swayed by other members of staffs depending on the weight of the decision (Hurley, 2017). Therefore, as you have indicated that the various levels of the organization also have the mandate to influence the factors that run the institutions. I want to agree that the organization with high involvement in decision making process based on the number of staffs’ suggestions always make efficient and ethical decisions. However, I would also add that the decision will be valid but will take some more time to be officiated (Hurley, 2017).

Therefore, the role of the manager is to guide and listen to the other staff members on the matters of deciding to be the leader.  These then leads us to the role of communication in the organization between the top leaders and the bottom about ranks in the organization. I agree that communication affects the position of decision science in the organization and all the agencies should ensure that all departments in the organizations can communicate effectively to ensure that the role of decision making process is felt in a positive way (Hurley, 2017).


Hurley, J. S. (2017). Engagement Strategies for Catalyzing IT Sales Team Performance in Asia (Doctoral dissertation, Walden University).