Batman vs. Superman

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Batman vs. Superman

Even though the enemies would be slick and sturdy, they were determined to manage and defeat the enemies. They both become a limelight to the society especially the young generation based on the extraordinary power they have and the accomplishment for every victory. Both Batman and Superman is the fictional superhero who appears in the American comic (Rhoades & Shirrel). Moreover, another similarity of the two superheroes is the demise of their biological fathers through death when they were both young and tender. The death of both fictional heroes occurred when they were both youths. The wave of similarities is based on their mission and role to assist the society in the fight against the enemies. One of the parents is killed while fighting the enemies and this indicates the vital role that the two heroes have altogether.


 Batman is recognized as an American conglomerate play child, philanthropists and a successful entrepreneur about business to earn his dear wealth apart from the others that were given to him by the parents.  He shuns being suspected of acting as a senseless play child who uses his inherited wealth from the deceased parents with such extravagance. On the other hand, Superman is recognized as clerk Kent and works as a journalist in the daily planet that is based at Krypton. His likeness was built through his appearance in accordance to his dressing and posture which makes him smart and bit overweight in contrast to masculine nature. Despite that, he puts on glasses that make him appear weak in position and perhaps his soft voice. Moreover, Batman is the leader of the justice league in his country while Superman is the founding member of the justice league in his planet (Rhoades & Shirrel).

Moreover, the origin of their powers provides a difference between the two superheroes (Rhoades & Shirrel). For instance, Superman obtained his powers since birth which means that he inherited the powers while Batman did not inherit the supernatural powers since he acquired them at a reasonable age. Superman has much power that makes him fly and also makes him possess various activities like a super hearing, super intelligent, ability to release rays from his eyes, exhale cold air and release a strong wind from his mouth. These qualities make him have a supernatural life in the fight to save humanity. On the other hand, Batman has no psychic powers although he begins as a reasonable person and then becomes someone powerful when pressed against the walls by his enemies. He possesses an extraordinary dedication to endurance and the power of the will that makes him a hero.

Based on personality, Batman is a dark, typical brooded hero and has a passion for fighting injustice in the society. He was very much traumatized by the death of his parents, and his suspicion and untrusting to everyone expect his friend Butler indicates his unfriendly person. He never kills his enemies despite being at the point of killing them.  In contrast, Superman was initially a rough and aggressive person with a moral loss code but was softened through the prohibition to the killing of people. However, he became a hero with a strong sense of justice (Rhoades & Shirrel).


The two comic heroes in the fictional work have served in the entertainment industry for more years. Batman is a person of moral justice who does not even kill the enemies while superman begins has an arrogant person but he changed to become a participant in the fight for justice. Based on similarities on their past since they both lost their parents at a young age. However, Superman’s parents died after sending him just after his birth to planet earth. On the other hand, Batman lost his parents due to a murder that occurred when he was only born.

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