Costs vs. benefits of industrial revolution

Costs vs. benefits of industrial revolution





The impact of the industrial revolution was a benefit to some while at the same time a great difficulty for others during the period.  The revolution brought an economic shift and transformation for the development of the industrial product using various machines (Allen, 2003). It was the beginning of urbanization through the rise of cities, the formation of governments, the rise of the middle class and globalization. Despite that, the process also resulted in the loss of job since the machines could perform some works (Allen, 2009). There was some evil addressed in England during the eighteenth and the nineteenth century where people worked for law wages (Wren, 2005). The paper address that the cost of industrial revolution outweighed the benefits.

There was so much evil that arose with the industrial revolution despite the progress, profit and economic growth. The revolution brought incidences of long working hours, low wages and poor working conditions that affected the health status of many people in the society (Wrigley, 2013). For example in Manchester which is the most industrialized city the life expectancy dropped during the revolution to 17 years due to the drastic health effects. There was also a shift between the rich and the poor within the societies (Foster, 2003). Moreover, industrial revolution brought about drastic impact in the environment through pollution leading to global warming that has led to poor health and falling away of the earth due to climate change (Chandler, Hikino & Chandler, 2009).


Despite the vast economic transformation brought by the industrial revolution, there are many drawbacks attached to its coming. It has been the mother of all lousy climate experienced in the world as the society today struggles to come up with more friendly environmental machines for a shift process. Therefore, even though the profits came through the revolution, some people especially the low class suffered.


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