Dominant social, ethnic group in Australia

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History of Australia

Dominant social, ethnic group in Australia

According to Dr. Charles Price calculation and analysis, it is clear that the after the inclusion of the British, Irish and Scottish people as Australians, the composition regarding population describes that the British and the Irish descent makes up by far the largest from all the other social, ethnic groups in the region. Among the other ethnic groups in Australia, the Irish people settled and concentrated majorly in the urban ghettos which are similar to their settlement in other parts of the nation like the United States of America and British. The Chinese with the smallest population composition in the society settled around the gold mines areas. The Britons and some Australians settled in the urban areas and big towns of the country.

These groups had different beliefs and cultural practices that brought much of differences and distinctions among them in the country. The Britons were Christians, and the Chinese were majorly Buddha’s while others had various religious existence. The German villages of South Australia represent almost the only survivor of these nineteenth-century concentrations, along with the Chinatowns of Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane (McMillan, Julie, Adrian Beavis, and Frank). Moreover, the diversity in language groups among the various ethnic groups led to the misunderstanding between them especially between the largest and the second regarding population.

The major struggles among the social, ethnic groups

The existence of various ethnic groups in Australia over the past 50 years has brought some serious social problems and conflicts. The major disadvantages of Aboriginal people have led to more of political impact which has attracted more funding than the ones of the immigrants where the significant expenditure has been spent on teaching and spreading English as the primary language of communication in Australia. The people who were unable to speak English were faced with problems of securing a job in the area because more jobs were created by most of the British corporations. Additionally, another issue was on the xenophobic attitudes of the Australians population that is perhaps traceable in their past performance before the collaboration and the constant opposition to Asian migration. These probably constituted majorly on the political strength to protect Australians from further aspects of much terrorism which are majorly associated with the group (McMillan, Julie, Adrian Beavis, and Frank).

The struggle of making sure that English is taught was to enhance a sense of unity and cohesion that would then boast the political and economic existence of the nation.   The various social, ethnic groups came up with various strategies in making Australia a better nation in the world. The British style of government operates with English being the national language. The other strategies are the issue of industrialization, agriculture, elimination of Racism among others (McMillan, Julie, Adrian Beavis, and Frank). The ethnic groups provide various strategies based on their line of operation for examples improving the machinery for mining of gold through china. Moreover, the major strategies have been to inhibit the issue of racism and initiate immigration from various nations and continents. The strategies were liberal based on their involvement in the global world to improving international business and network in Australia. The major political and economic reforms have enhanced governance of Australia.

My country has had an issue with the foreign nations based on immigration of some groups of people which has made it be ranked with some bits of racism factor. The issue of immigration has been a problem for many nations with much of adverse effects than the positive ones. The conflict is worthwhile for my country due to many cases of insecurity that have occurred in other parts of the world. Through immigration, other nations have suffered the incidence of terrorism that could be avoided if immigration was inhibited for some communities.  Therefore, based on the insecurity incidence our government has made drastic changes and implementation on immigration process placing some restrictions (McMillan, Julie, Adrian Beavis, and Frank).

Australia and United States of America


There are various similarities and difference that exist between the two nations. Both nations have a democratic system of government where transition happens after four years where the citizens must vote for their leader. Moreover, both countries English are used as the primary language in their entire demographic. Consequently, in both, there are more than one social, ethnic groups united to serve in one land. In Australia, they include the British, Irish, and Australians and other while the United States has the Latinos, Jews, British, and many others. Both nations went through colonization process and gained independence through fight and struggles. Moreover, both countries are termed to be a land of diversity.


In Australia, there is tendency of the immigrants and ethnic groups to concentrate in specific regions. These suggest isolation from the majority, poor with another weird characteristic in regions known as ghettos. There are recent instances for such cases in Australia as compared to the United States where there are majorly missed population in the different areas. There are few slum areas in the Australian cities compared to the ones in the United States of America. The immigrants in the United States have received less contradiction based on the much underground talks on the people in the federal government compared to the issue of immigration in Australia that has been carefully selected to control some group of people coming to the region (Antecol, Heather, Deborah, Cobb-Clark, and Stephen). Moreover, in Australia, the ancestries of the aborigine people who are the original inhabitants have a more significant impact in the nation as compared to the United States where there is no claim of originality. Most of the people in the United States were brought in the region through the reason of slave trade that took place in the colonial period.  According to the demographic research on population, the largest population comes from the Hispanic origin as compared to the English people in the Australia. African Americans have also contributed to the national population as compared to Australia where the existence of black is very small.

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