Role of Theory in Quantitative Research

Role of Theory in Quantitative Research



Moral leadership theory

The researchers have to go through what others have done, read the theory that are in line with what he or she is studying and then perform a test of the hypotheses that originates from the theories. Additionally, in this kind of reasoning, there are essential steps to be taken, and this includes; reading through the theories, analyzing the data and then supporting the hypothesis.

The moral leadership theory demonstrates the responsibility of a leader to do what is right. The relationship between ethical leadership and the specific business problem is that the solution to the problem can be solved through moral leadership through the leaders performing what is morally right. Therefore, the presence of business problem indicates the absence of good morals and the absence of problems will show good morals. Moreover, a moral leadership theory will enable the leaders to come up with a clear and visionary purpose statement of what is to be achieved. Therefore, the viability of the purpose statement in any organization will depend on the moral leadership theory (Whiteley, 2001). In the doctorate of business administration (DBA), the research is based on the investigation of an applied research problem that needs the solution. Therefore, the researcher has to go through the moral leadership theory and then relate it to the organization’s issue. The success of the research will depend on the degree of inclusivity of the theory. The hypothesis to be set for the study must come from the theory, and the final findings must be related to the stated hypothesis to make the process viable.

Perhaps, I researched how the characteristic of a project team member can affect their performance. This projected depended so much on the moral leadership theory to understand the various characters that might affect the operation of the business. Therefore, I had good state morals like integrity, honesty, faithfulness, and others while at the same time state characters like laziness, lateness, greed, and disloyalty. Therefore, with the assistance of the theory, I managed to separate the leadership qualities that are essential to business and the ones that are not important and might lead to a problem. Consequently, with the help of the theory, I managed to set the hypothesis which I later proved after the research. Therefore, theories are essential for any research to be successful and complete. It provides an easy background to reason out the facts that assist in deciding a research problem (Fereday & Muir-Cochrane, 2006).


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