A Self- Reflection on my coursework

A Self- Reflection on my coursework



Question 2

My course has assisted me to understand what is happening outside there in the society. I have learned about people’s cultures, family life in the United States of America and others that I can’t mention all. This media has helped me gain the skills of understanding, how to communicate with people of different cultures since I can now know who are friendlier, angry or war based on cultures. Therefore, in work, I will be able to solve the cultural conflict and other fights that come with misunderstanding. Based on my understanding of various issues in families I will be able to advise my colleagues or clients who have issues in their families. In my community, I will use the skills to create unity and embrace various cultures through negotiations and talks. The significant skills in the course are to gain an understanding of the environment.

Question 3

The course has suggested to me the need to study psychology to build a more understanding of people. In the future, I would like to major in the line of understanding people more than what I already know. The zeal came after I realized the essence through the current course and how it is essential to solving people’s problems in the families, in the workplace and other areas. Learning more about people makes it easy for one to move along well with others and live peacefully.

Question 4

In reality, I have engaged the requirement as far as my course is concerned. My level of participation was very high since I have involved both the lecturers and students in the class work. I have performed well in major group discussion and actions. Moreover, my attendance is almost 100% since I have never missed more than five classes in the entire semester and if I did, then it was something necessary or essential. Am satisfied with my level of participation and attendance because it has enabled me to understand and grasp all the essential content of the course. I am Proud of engaging the different people in my course just as the course requirements demand. Therefore, my course requires me to engage as many people as possible.

Question 5

There has been no insight in any writing on this course that did surprise me except on some little advancement as the level increases, and much is expected for the students. However, to compare this writing with the previous one, I would like to say that my first writing had no major instructions and project works compared to the current. The latter writing is more advanced than the former scripts in another course I took before in other departments.