Premchard story and Satyajit Ray film ‘the chase player.’

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Premchard story and Satyajit Ray film ‘the chase player.’


There was a debate about Wajid Ali Shah effeminacy that had to be discussed by the people due to the existence of sir Williams who managed to write various Hindu writings like western nations. There was a lot to address in consideration of Indian culture as being feminist or not since even the Indian men have failed to acquaint themselves with men’s fashion. Ideally, Ray himself was perplexed by Wajid Ali proclivity allows himself to his sexual transgression. Additionally, this is also displayed in the case towards the end of the chess player when the British were matching to take Awath. Meer Roshan Ali upon hearing that his lovely wise is amusing somewhere with another young man declares a state of despondency “If we can’t cope with our wives, how we can cope with the British army?” (p. 61) this media indicates the kind of tranquility that existed before during the British and the India fight. The aspect of Colonization always begins with some attraction and transformation between the people through cultural affairs adoption to a real control and power.

Modes of remembering

The chase game represented the land of Awath while the two players represented the two nations that are the British and India. Therefore, just like there are a winner and a loser in a game, there were cultural orientation fights within the two nations. The modes that are present in the story are the title ‘’chase player’’ which makes more emphasis as to what the story is about metaphorically. The title signifies two nations that are India and British in a cool game that later results in a fight. Moreover, there is the hook mode where the story keeps the lines of the protagonist. For example, Mirza and the friend are dumped into the game, and he is burning in rage to compensate for the three wins against him from the other player. According to the play, Mirza is not at ease since the wife had sent the maid to call him and here he wants to win the game. There is also the mode of set-up which I can explain using the last part of the play where the British army matches to take Awath while Meer Rashan Ali refuses for the war after a personal consolation that they can’t win the British and yet their homes are wretched with sexuality. The war was in tears ‘’ It was getting dark. The pieces still lay on the chessboard. It was as if both the kings sitting on their thrones were shedding tears at the death of these warriors.’’ There was a dark silence, ruined walls and dust-laden pillars after the war had elapsed. There was no hope for the dead soldiers and their loved ones. There were also some cases of incitement moments and the rising actions modes.

Memories construction methods

The memories were constructed in a variety of ways in the story and the film. There was a reasoning aspect at towards the lose that was underway through the land of Awath. Most of the families had been corrupted by the bad culture of sexuality indicating immorality. The families could not stand the situations, and many lost hope and gave up fighting for their land due to personal fear. There was a sign of disunity that existed in the Kingdom at Awath with the king himself indulgence in cases of sexuality. The British had succeeded in corruption the cultural norms of the Indians which made them weak from inside and thus lose towards the fight for colonization. The story reminds the readers of the various styles the colonist used to take up various nations without the will. The power of anger that burns through the inner hearts of the people is perhaps a style used in the story to show the hidden staffs that people could harbor without telling the neighbors. Mirza is very unhappy of the constant to lose from the game and wished to pay for the next games which are not even going well with him in the first place.

Benefits of remembering the past

The history assists the community to understand and learn from the mistakes and success of the past leaders. Moreover, there is also a cultural understanding in tracing the originality of situations and some happenings. Therefore, understanding the past in the present moments reminds us of the past heritage about ancestry and other people’s cultural deformation points. The history is very rich in information and knowledge that can assist the current societies in making a choice and replicative decisions. For example in the story ‘’chess player’’ the readers can understand and learn that leaders should lead by example and should always try to be morally right before the subjects. Wajad Ali Shah made a mistake in getting involved in sexuality that went and corrupted the hearts of the people leading to the demise of respect. Moreover, the chase players playing for too long without remembering family responsibility is wrong. Mirza plays without considering the several calls from the wife at home through the maid. Therefore, the past has the power of allowing the present people and society to mend the future.

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