Reflection of events

Reflection of events



Diversity Symposium

On 16th November 2017, the students held a workshop on diversity symposium. The event took place at Alumni Hall with the discussion of various topics such as diversity and inclusion. Many students came to the event to hear on the discussion mainly to get something on diversity. The event was interactive as the speaker involved the students in the discussion. The speaker was introduced by the event organizer to talk about the topic. The students wanted to listen and get more about diversity and since it was out of the class event. We learned a lot about diversity and its inclusion.

Diversity assists us to recognize and value all sorts of differences to enable us to make our environment a better place to work. The speaker told us that diversity and inclusion is perhaps a significant event that we are dealing with every day and everywhere. He said that we all see all kinds of background and ethnicity in our schools today. Therefore, by treating them, all the same, everyone feels included.  He said that various companies focus on diversity and inclusion nowadays such as shell and Abercrombie. The students were also allowed to give their views at the end of the discussion. One student said that he understands diversity as a process of performing multiple of the event or the idea of being mixed and not one. I came to know that the fact that we are from various background and families and yet we study and bond together is classified ads being diverse and inclusive. The event was very educative, and I learned that diversity and inclusion exist in all places at all time. It ended well with the changed opinion about diversity.

Student motivation and persistence

On October 19th, 2017 organized an event known as the lesson learned on the topic rising above average based on student motivation and persistence. The event was held at Alumni Hall with Dr. Allan Todman being the speaker. Since the primary objective of the students being in school is to success and be a benefit to the society. These could only be achieved when the students are motivated to perform and rise above average. The hall was full of no space left, and I realized how the students are very much eager to achieve high grades. Dr. Allan had begun with a short story about various scholars whom he studied with and what they have done to transform the society through their explicit thoughts and ideas.

He said that the environment for them during those times was not conducive to learning since technology had not arrived. He said that the present learning should be impressive than theirs due to the availability of various resources that were not there during their time. For example, things like online e-learning materials for any course.  Moreover, he told the students that the society outside there is waiting for them to come and make a difference and therefore the students must learn and get some skills to create jobs and not be a problem in the society. Moreover, he advised the students to learn and be better people and also lectures to assist the students through diversion of various skills and knowledge since they cannot make it alone without the assistance from the lectures. All the students came out of the hall with the urge to learn and achieve high by doing something different than others have not done.