The Causes of Robby’s Decline ‘our time’

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The Causes of Robby’s Decline ‘our time’

Therefore, after reading the story, I was able to understand that the environment where the brothers grew up had an impact on Robby’s life. Moreover, the difference in the brother’s lives is the relationship that existed between Robby and his family in addition to his brother and mother. Consequently, Robby did not have a role model who he could look up to and therefore he was forced to take the company with the drugs. His main intention was to seek attention and become known for far anything that he could perform whether moral or immoral. Robby was very stubborn, and when he fixed his mind on something, there will be no turning back ‘wasn’t following anybody’s footstep but my own,’ Robby was determined to set clear his path for paving his own life (779).  He was not responsible for the consequences of his actions in life.

The environment where he was born and sustained in affected much of his life despite his birth experience. He grew up in a mixed and strange environment where he could not understand about himself and perhaps where he belongs. Robby describes this world ‘I was struck in the middle’ he didn’t know or have any clue of how to fit into the kind of world and to be noticed since that was always his dream, recognition. He lived in the whites neighborhood where he didn’t fit in a while his mother did not allow him to interact with the reality of the black world. He says that ‘compared to what the little kids have, I have always felt like I had nothing…there were the black world and mommy, and they were holding it back from me.’ Robby wanted to know what was being hidden from him and he became more curious to find out the other side of the veil about what he knew nothing about and was trying to get to understand.

The separation from the black lifestyle was a clue that one time he would move outside there to seek for what he missed in his earlier life. Therefore, he found acceptance at Garfield more than the one that he had earlier at home where he came from. Robby wanted to draw his path away from the brother and sister who decided to follow the path of education and excelled in school. Robby says that ‘it was heaven, I have found my place.’ He found the people he called true supporters and role models like Garth and blamed his mother for not letting him being in such as the environment where he was able to be supported. Unfortunately, Garth, the only man who that has ever encouraged and accepted Robby was dying. This was a blow to Robby and his life also begun to fall apart as well. Consequently, what pained Robby was that his friend was dying from natural death but from lack of attention from the medics in the hospital. He quickly got hold of something to have blamed on ’a dead nigger isn’t such as big mistake…the nigger was not going anywhere….that doctor ought to get a medal.’(p.757) Therefore, in words he blamed the white people for this and how they were viewing the black people. I strongly believed from the moments he lost hope about the future since he believed so much about the friend Garth and now he is dead. ‘’ The world a stone bitch’’ (p 757)

Moreover, Robby had none to stand with him even in the difficult situations in life. The family had instilled some levels of privacy and didn’t even bother to check for him and his way of life, ‘’ we are encouraged to deal with you as you could on your own… Privacy was a bridge between you and the rest of the family members.’’ Therefore, the distance and separation from the family allowed him to seek for other company like the use of drugs. On the other hand, his mother was always very much worried about him, and the brother describes that ‘’ whenever I visited home, sooner or later I’d find myself alone with mum and she would pour out her fears about Robby’s wilderness.’’ She would say ‘’ I don’t know …..He won’t listen’’ (p.759). This indicates that she had already given up on her and there was nothing else she could do to assist the situation. However, I think that the mom did not understand Robby since what he wanted was attention and that is perhaps what he is seeking outside.


However, even if it would aid if the family gets involved in the recap of Robby but it would be too late if it is allowed to continue. Therefore, addiction affected him so much that he could not understand himself. However, from the story, we find out that what caused the fall out of Robby is the misunderstanding between Robby’s family failing to attend to him and reveal to him everything about life. Moreover, deciding to move his way from the norms of the family made him meet ‘’friends’’ whom we could say were good or bad. Additionally, where or how an individual is raised significantly affects a person’s life and therefore where there is no hope, there is no way.

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