Working with the Enemy

Working with the Enemy




Adam Werbach says “to this day, they won’t speak to me” {paragraph 1} many people according to Danielle Sacks believe that working with an enemy meant a setback to one’s vision. Through this relationship, he loses people’s support in his bid to make the environment green a progressive movement. However, According to him, signing up to work with the enemy ‘’ Wal-Mart’’ is a personal opinion to get on some of the information to the most significant movement for the green environment progression {paragraph 1}. He bases his action from the past experiences with and the fact that also the environmental defense also opened an office in Bentonville to work with the same company in the promotion of their work, but the group is said to be careful not to take any money from the chain of operation. There is a reason as to why Albert chose to sign up with the company either to learn their process or to strive and get some inspiration from the organization.

The relationship between Albert and Wal-Mart assisted much the green movement process. Wal-Mart was a company that deals with the green products and whose motive is to keep the environment safe from worsening or perhaps a change of the natural. The green movement was created to make sure that the environment of Bentonville is green and free from any pollution or un-clean energy. According Danielle ‘’For Wal-Mart, winning over Werbach is a critical part of its battle to redefine itself as environmentally progressive.’’ {Paragraph 5} The company wanted to show the society that they still have the vision of protecting the environment through their products and also creating programs through the various stakeholders in the movement to other parts of the world in the fight for the green environment. However, other people like activist John seller believe that Activist Albert Welbach is abandoning his principle and his views that Wal-Mart is not a friend to the green environment.

However, Albert new that there is something he needs to learn from the company to boost his bid in fighting for the green environment. Therefore, making critics about the company will vary with the information that is validly validated with someone who works closely with the company. Moreover, through the interaction with the company, Welbach believes he will have an opportunity to attend major international platform since the business was big and could host all kinds of seminars with big world companies. Therefore, through this platform, he will have the opportunity to address the issues of the green movement. Thus, the relationship did not hurt the green movement but rather sustained it. ‘’ Werbach is eating in a vegan restaurant in San Francisco, just back from a Greenpeace International board meeting in Amsterdam.’’{Paragraph 27}

Albert’s sign out to work with Wal-Mart was a progressive move to make the world healthier. According to Danielle, the sign out to work with the enemy was Albert’s set-up and choice to make sure that he gets the platform in addressing international projects. He believes that the green movement was not only for the people of Bentonville but also for making the world healthier. According to Danielle, a few of the other environmentalist have started believing and seeing the value of Welbach’s work to the global nation. ‘’ Werbach’s Wal-Mart strategy “absolutely world-changing brilliant.’’ When Werbach said yes to Wal-Mart, a colleague said, “I have no idea what Adam believes anymore.”{Paragraph 19}


The relationship of Welbach’s and Wal-Mart was a constructive one despite the feelings drawn by the friends and another environmental activist at the first phase. The sign out was away from his principle of first branding the company as an enemy and then goes behind to work with the same company. The society and the fellow activist were not happy with the movement, and some even refused to talk to him due to the act. However, the relationship was constructive since some of the activists did start to see the most significant work to be the best.

Reference (A version of this article appeared in the September 2007 issue of Fast Company magazine).