Personal reflection

Activities/ Events:

  • Interacting and learning about CG Max Design Corp through my supervisor Evan Sun
  • Begun familiarizing myself with the organizational culture and leadership
  • Attended the overall meeting with the leaders for updates about the impending program on the field

Personal reflection

This internship report is based on my experience as an intern for the CG Max Design Corp in New York. The company is completely committed to qualitative work approach, creativity with innovative ideas with an effective leadership and management.  I was very much happy meeting up with various leaders of the company and learn from them based on their different roles in the organization. However, most importantly I met Evan Sun my supervisor took me through the files and introduced me to the plans of the day. After the meeting, everyone resumed to their offices and others to their various respective duties. However, I had some time to talks with the supervisor and other managers as part of the orientation program. It was great days for me in a new environment that will allow me to apply the skills I have learned in the university.

Professional analysis

My main goal is to gain experience and skills in data analysis and programming models. However, today I was to understand the organization and get to know what is expected of me during the internship period. I wanted to establish a good rapport with the supervisor and the managers in the company and also learn its culture and structure. I came to realize that accuracy and speed of work was needed in the company to serve the customers. Moreover, towards the end of the day, I managed to assist a colleague employed in the company to enter some data and convert them to the excel sheet. The organization was such organized and the supervisors were very friendly to the staffs. There was a lot of professionalism in how work was being handled.

Moreover, as part of the role out before the completion of the working hours, I was given some tasks to perform. I went through a file of financial reports that was brought the same day for analysis. Mr. Evan Sun allowed me to ask for help if I needed on how the work should be handled by anyone in the company. The remembered on the various data we analyzed in order to apply the skills and experience to write the report. I was amazed at the staff corporation within the company when I went to ask for assistance from one of the workers. Actually, he left his work to show me how that kind of data is analyzed and what techniques and software to use in such a case.

The colleague showed me the various techniques for data analysis and programming that I wasn’t aware of before. The organization has improved and advanced in technology through the created software that makes analysis very easy for the staff. After the short training, I went to my desk and I performed the task giving the report to Mr. Evan Sun. It was the end of the day. I really wanted to be employed as part of the staff because it will be an evaluation of my development in the field of data analysis.

Day 2;

Date: 29th January 2018

Hours at work: 9

Events and activities

  • Continue to implement my skills in data analysis and programming that I have developed
  • Meeting with the site supervisor

Today’s level of stress was so high with every staff members having lots of work to perform. I was given a heavy duty with a report being expected at the end of the day. I was told by one of the project managers to prepare to enter some financial data and provide analysis of the same. I was not aware of the process but I did not have a chance to request for assistance because everyone was busy. When this incidence occurred, I was so much prepared based on the material that we had covered in class and some that I was learned through the internet. I figured out on how to handle the assignment. However, I was lucky to find a sample analysis which I used to perform the task. It was a busy day which ended with a meeting with the supervisors.

Day 3

Date: 30th January 2018

Hours of work: 8

The day was such smooth as we had time to relax and know one another. Moreover, I was able to learn database programming using a shortcut other than the one we learned in school. It was so easy to use and apply. My supervisor gave me some videos to watch that would assist me to understand some aspects as far as the job is concerned. Moreover, I was able to write scripts, procedures or queries in SQL (structured query language) and to draw information from the client’s database using the software. This was my best day.