Questions for critical thinking and reviews

Questions for critical thinking and reviews

Question 3

I was greatly misunderstood when I approached when I gave a friend some money since I had noticed that she did not have transport. I said ‘’ hello friend, here is a bus fare today.’’ I think this occurred because I did not sober up the situation during the first one minute of our communication. She thought that I was mocking and judging her in the situation which was not my intention. I think I should have approached her in a friendly manner.

Question 5

Students, tomorrow our lectures will begin as from 9 am, so kindly don’t miss.

According to the linear model of communication, we have the sender who is the lectures or Tutor. The message is the tomorrow’s lectures beginning at 9 am. Channel is the word of mouth and Receiver is the students. Noise; there is no interruption to the message.

Question 6

One time I was in a sports club which was full of misunderstanding coming from the leaders and some team members. The leaders were not able to understand one another and the members as well leading to conflict. Some of the members were too emotional while other was also fast talkers affecting the communication and negotiation process. a) Through this, I was able to understand the levels of communication. b) The team’s strong negotiation skills assisted in achieving the goals.

Question 10

The business and professional communication are always faced with burn out, stress and information overload. This happened when I called an office and there was no response leading to a delay of information. I could have used other options such as emails to make sure that the message is delivered.

Part two

Question 1

I always become salient with person having effective communication skills, a right personality and ability to understand. I believe that the attributes are totally fair to make the judgment. Before I become friendlier with others, I have to listen to them first accurately while checking the attributes.

Question 2

The manager understands that time is an important resource. The manager believes that everything should be done on time while Elizabeth believes that time is not a factor for a good delivery of work. I will advise Elizabeth that, despite ensuring that work is done correctly, the time factor is also part of production process.

Part three

Question 5

I usually use Face association strategy; this involves a discreet examination of a person’s face during an introduction. A name is a connection to their identity and individuality. Lack of good memory strategies since its difficult cramming makes it difficult to remember.