The star wars film,

The star wars film,

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The star war

Anakin killed his wife by choking her using the power of the force which led to her death all the same. The wife refused to join her in his immoral movers of taking the galaxy.

The various types of terrorism have been defined by lawmakers, professionals, and scholars. The various forms of terrorism discussed are; the state, Bioterrorism, nuclear terrorism and cyber-terrorism. Therefore, some people can say that Anakin is a terrorist because he kills the entire school of young Jedi. Moreover, he attempts to kill Jedi Knight and Obi-wan. Therefore, based on this actions one can clearly describe Anakin as a terrorist.

Robert Agnew’s strain general theory is one of the main theories that try to answer crime in the society. The three types of strain theory are money strain, for masculine status and cultural pressure. The failure to achieve the positively valued goals may lead to crime. Anakin wanted to become a hero which was cut by strain and pressure from other leaders in the galaxy. The positive values of becoming a responsible hero were removed by the influence of other leaders like emperor sith. Anakin wanted to rule the galaxy and this means that he had to get rid of everyone in the position of opposing him take the throne.

I think the emperor played a role to his introduction to the dark world. It was through the emperor that he learned the benefit and pleasure that comes with power. Edwin Sutherland’s differential association theory states that through interaction with others, other people may acquire values, norms, and other traits. Anakin, through the emperor, desired power and leadership.

After choking his wife, Anakin attempts to kill Obi-wan. He speaks of taking over the government after killing the emperor. He wanted to kill everyone who opposes his moves of taking over the galaxy.

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