You are surprised positively

You are surprised positively

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Using the lifts

Sometimes I don’t understand why lifts have to fail while you are in the middle of the journey.  Sometimes, people say that it is an indication of bad lack. It already 7:30 in the morning and I has to attend an interview in the next half an hour. It’s very important to reach in time and not either some minute late or earlier. Now, the lift is crowded with so many people and there is this funny smell that comes due to the variety of perfumes. Moreover, worsening the situation is the sudden sound that comes from the lift and the lift stops. Following the sudden stop of the lift is the murmur around as the lights stop as well. Now, in the dark room with people, you don’t even know and a stuffy smell-diffusing through every corner of the lift. It is such an inconvenience but it’s better than taking the stairs that will take someone moving first about half an hour to reach my destination. Being punctual is my personality and thus I hope that the lift has to move.

Fortunately, the situation comes to an end and the lift starts again after around half an hour of halt. Its three minutes to the interview and the lifts opens as I come out from the lift and rush towards the place. Wow! It is an experience and the anticipation meets the expectation. I really the feel of being late or early in any meeting that is arranged. However, in my mind, I am thinking of how the incidence of the lift and being punctual connects. When is say being punctual, I mean that you’re not early or late in any occasion.