Trends and Issues in Today’s Health Care

Trends and Issues in Today’s Health Care

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The management role of nurse managers has an influence on the effectiveness of healthcare organizations. Nurse Managers links the vision of their organizations to actual clinical care. The managers must possess proper skills such as clinical expertise, effective communication, and leadership skills to thrive in the leadership position. The AONE details competencies that nurse managers and executives require. By taking the AONE nurse leader competency assessment, one is able to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and areas that need development. Through the assessment, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses, essential in improving my leadership skills. After a reflection on the assessment, I would call myself proficient in personal and professional accountability, personal journey disciplines, and competencies of reflective practice reference behaviors and tenets. However, I would call myself competent in the career planning area.

Under personal and professional accountability, key evaluation areas are ethical practice, professional associations, and personal growth. Am able to observe ethical behavior as a nurse manager. I promote nursing practice that supports nursing standards as well as scopes of the nursing practice. All stakeholders have an avenue to raise ethical issues. This helps in the integration of the nursing code of ethics. I create an environment where all stakeholders collaborate in establishing goals that have measurable results. In this environment, performance transparency is promoted creating a culture of accountability (Guyton, 2012). The government structures in the organization clearly know their responsibility making each accountable towards the achievement of set goals. I am properly involved in professional associations which assists when it comes to networking and to professional development (Guyton, 2012). Therefore, I would call myself proficient in my field.

Under career planning, the key areas are knowing my role, planning a career path, positioning myself, and promoting personal and professional growth. I perfectly understand my current job description and requirements. As a leader, I have created an environment where personal and professional growth is mandatory (Contino, 2004). This includes training others on how to develop their own career plans. I encourage academic partners to partner with nurses beneficial in instilling competencies that help in the acquisition of skills. Planning for my personal career has however proven challenging. Although I help others to develop a career path, I have spent less time developing my own. It is also important to measure the progress of that plan.  A flexible career plan is essential to help adapt to changes in the future.  I am yet to take advantage of the potential of innovative career paths that are emerging in the health sector (Contino, 2004). Based on the assessment, I am competent in career planning.

Under personal journey disciplines, the key areas are the application of action-learning and reflective practice. Often I use action-learning techniques in solving problems. Any failures, setbacks, or successes serve as learning experiences. Often I seek mentorship from colleagues essential for making informed decisions. I have also embraced the practice of engaging in reflection (Guyton, 2012). Reflective practice is part of my behaviors as a leader.  Based on the assessment, I would call myself as proficient on my managerial competencies in personal journey disciplines.

Under competencies of reflective practice reference behaviors and tenets, major areas include the use of guidelines and tenets to facilitate reflective practice. I often utilize various guidelines and tenets in facilitating reflective practice. I consider truth as a leadership key value. I value diversity by appreciating all people regardless of their gender, sex, race, or generation. However, I need to improve on searching and finding potential in myself and on other people (Contino, 2004). Before making any decisions, I am able to consider various perspectives. These competencies are essential in reflecting and improving on the leadership behaviors. Therefore, I would call myself proficient in this field.

With my present leadership skills, I would easily call for change in the working place. First, I would use collaboration as a key leadership skill. Building collaboration with other people helps in garnering support essential for change advocacy (Korniewicz, 2015). Through collaboration that is built on trust, I can advocate for change. When people are working together, it is possible to influence them towards the achievement of common goals through common activities and strategies. Second, with the competencies of using action-learning techniques in solving problems, I would identify areas that require changes and then use the techniques to solve problems that would arise while advocating for change. With a plan of action, I would properly organize advocacy efforts.

To be a good leader, one must never stop learning. After taking the assessment, I identified a key weakness in career planning. Therefore my goal towards leadership growth is to acquire skills in career path planning. I plan to gain these skills by attending career planning sessions in the organization, taking related online courses, and finding a mentor. I plan to learn something new every day and explore new opportunities with the purpose of realizing the goal (Korniewicz, 2015). I coach other people about career planning. Therefore, I have a foundation on which to build my skills.


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