An Essay describing myself as a writer

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An Essay describing myself as a writer

Writing is a technique and a course that is learned through some practices like other courses. I have learned and have practiced writing since I joined my first class on the journey of education (Claycomb). Therefore, in my life, I have been writing up to this moment where I can use the advanced styles that are recognized as globally. The idea of writing has transformed my life to some great extent by improving my reading skills and how to organize thoughts in an orderly way and manner. However, there have been some challenges like some blocks and fall backs of my writing work. Therefore, it is very clear that to understand writing takes some time and it has stages and levels to know and learn its rules. I have to move on to be the best writer and exhibit my confidence as a writer.

Sincerely, I am not a competent writer, and I still do struggle with developing the ideas. Moreover, I have a problem coming up with clear and precise sentences that the other party will understand well and efficiently. In most of my work or perhaps the essays have has some problems from the people who are reading them claiming that it’s not clear and rather ambiguous (Claycomb). Sometimes, when I take my work for some grammar check software, I always get discouraged by the percentage and the errors indicated in red that appears on the screen. Therefore, sometime I wonder if at all I will be able to change and improve the situation and be the best writer. Writing has some rules just like any game in life has rules to play where the one who obeys the rules will win and the one who doesn’t obey or rather follow will fail.

My current situation of poor writing can be traced back in my seventh grade. My teacher Miss Fry would mock me and tell me that my writing was indigent instead of helping me come out of the situation by teaching me to improve. The words were very painful to me and cut through my strength and made me loose the confidence about doing something especially writing. The critics lowered my self-esteem to a great extent that I was so quiet and looked at the people who were performing in the writing class. Despite that, something inside of me was just pushing me to continue practicing since I had one principle that I heard from some professor that practice makes perfect. Therefore, the words of my teacher though they were painful, I decided to prove my teacher wrong by being the best and to show her that everyone can succeed in whatever they do and have in mind (Claycomb).

Since the journey of writing begins by just making a decision and a step I started to look at what can get me be a successful writer. Therefore, I thought I need a quiet time to myself and books as well as the right materials to study and get the write information about writing. Besides that, I had to develop confidence and seek for people who had done some writings before to mentor me and my essays. Moreover, I had to develop some steps in writing my article to enable me is fluent and precise in whatever the essay I write. The steps include an adequate research about the topic to be written, then the synthesis of the information from the sources, then the identification of the thesis statement, then actual writing process and finally checking for corrections or proofreading (Claycomb). The steps have enabled me to gain what I didn’t have before concerning the writing of essays.

 After some time, I saw a vast improvement based on the confidence that I developed and the rule of the drafting of the essay that I followed and practiced all through. In addition to these, I had to develop my creative ability to aid me to do the best in writing essay and do it first as compared to before, since creativity will enable me to develop some ways to make the sentences very first and apply them effectively to please my readers. The creative ability of a person makes the person different from the rest of the people or rather the writers in the blog (Claycomb).


Writing an essay is developed and learned through some processes that the individual must adhere to them to be perfect. At times I would fear to go through the process since it requires some passion and sacrifices (Claycomb). I managed to go through some abuse and shame from some of my teachers and mentors in life to get on the ladder of writing and become the best. Moreover, it took some personal decisions and moves as well as creativity for me to get to the place where I just heard a vision of some years back when I was in my grade seven. Therefore, writing can be learned, and it’s possible to make it your career.

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