Anthropology Discussion Questions

Anthropology Discussion Questions



Question 23

The video ‘’Beyond pollution’’ gives the various ways that led to the deep-water Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  Moreover, the growing dependency on oil which has corrupted its functions and specific measures to regulate the industries and perhaps the incompetency of them in the BP Company that has shown has led to serious environmental issue. This resulted in the hundreds and hundreds of spills and explosions resulting in deaths and pollutions of the atmosphere together with ground level and below the sea level. The oil Company and the government have failed to take hid on the history that deluded the environmental procedures and still embraces the ways of oil drilling without checking on the influence of the environment. The pressure to make money to boast the country’s economy through extensive exploit has brushed the kind of pollution experienced on the environment. Moreover, insufficient environmental policies from the politicians and weak oil drill initiative have led to the contaminations from the oil spills.

Question 24

Climate Change issue requires an efficient decision making process based on facts. Both urban smog and greenhouse gases affect the ongoing Climate change. However, the decision on which one should be a priority should be made based on the one with a more significant effect and the cost that it will take for the shift. Urban smog pollution comes from vehicles releasing unclean energy and the industries while greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane are also emitted from vehicles tailpipe and some industries. Some of the scientists have claimed that carbon dioxide is essential to plant while the Black carbon is the one that is involved in the accumulation of the greenhouses gases. Therefore, the mode of priority should be based on the one with a more significant effect on the environment, especially to the climate change. Urban smog leads to the release too many gases to the atmosphere that is very detrimental to the environment due to the massive use of motor vehicles. Moreover, the solution to the urban smog is based on the use of environmental friendly or clean energy such as purchasing green power for the electric vehicle or the use of plug-in hybrid and also encouraging people to embrace more of the public transport system (Wang, Bakker, De Groot & Wörtche, 2014). Moreover, it’s vivid that the reduction of urban smog in the cities will reduce the national environmental pollution effect as compared to reducing greenhouse gases. This because controlling the amount of urban smog will also lead to the reduction of emission of significant greenhouse gases like ozone and the black carbon which a threat to the environment and causative agent to climate changes.


Wang, Y., Bakker, F., De Groot, R., & Wörtche, H. (2014). Effect of ecosystem services provided by urban green infrastructure on indoor environment: A literature review. Building and environment, 77, 88-100.