Characteristics of Culture

Characteristics of Culture





Culture is learned

Despite the diverse cultures that are found globally in our society today, they happen to share some characteristics that allow a close analysis. The cultures that we have are always learned and not just acquired through other means. These show that when we were born here on earth, we didn’t have the glimpse of all the values, beliefs and customs that the culture we are in has adopted. Perhaps, the culture is transferred from one generation to another through some teachings from the elders on the way people in that community should live (Serena, Nanda    & Richard, 2015). Moreover, some of the people get about the aspect of culture through the friends, families, schools and media departments.

The current culture indicates this characteristic through various ways like the existence of schools that have some lesson, for example, creative arts where the students are taught some of the ways of making things that have existed from time in the past. These things managed to take the students through a journey of several miles to the time of the ancestors. Additionally, the languages that are being used in schools and religious centers have aided a lot in learning the culture of a given community or rather tribe. Most of the people would like it when they are addressed in their native language. The media has also promoted and embraced the learning of the culture through what they say and perhaps the clips and documentaries that they show to the society. Indeed, culture is learned, and a person can be changed when he or she stays with the people of different cultures for a long time due to the learning nature of culture (Serena, Nanda    & Richard, 2015).


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