Marketing Comparison between Qatar Airways and Oxfam

Marketing Comparison between Qatar Airways and Oxfam




Growth strategies

OrganizationMarketing penetrationMarket developmentProduct marketDiversification
Qatar Airways offering flight services to the public.Qatar Airways uses a going rate pricing strategies based on the prices of the leader Emirates. For example, they don’t need to disturb the pricing but just follow the trends. Qatar Airways Marketing ChallengeQatar has introduced loyalty schemes. For example it focusses on markets and products it knows well.Qatar has secured dominance over growth markets. For example it has dominated the ever busy Africa-middle east air routes.Qatar Airways has performed diversification based on promotion levels compared to emirates. For example BBC Campaign to position it as premium carrier.
Oxfam clothing boutique offering charity services to end injustices to poverty.Oxfam uses psychological prices or prices acceptance compared other donors such as USAID. For example they encourage the customers to leave change at the donation box. Such as $0.99 0r more. What we do - Blue Rhino ConsultUses client’s loyalty through providing guarantee to them that their donations and also selling at law prices.They have been in many major events persuading people to support their initiative. Live & Breathe develops Christmas campaign for Oxfam ...It uses communication strategies based on based on sporting events, discount periods and also social networks.

Survival strategies

Organization Branding Relationship marketing
Qatar AirwaysQatar has branded its Company as the World 5-star airline. The Company has just introduced a new global identity with emphasis of the name in capital letters with an inclusion 30 second television advertisement as compared to Emirates.The Company gives away products to the loyal clients to appreciate them for their loyalty. The product includes watches, Computer mice and hand towels. The passengers who support the logo of Oryx were also awarded some products.
Oxfam clothing boutiqueThe Company has a brand image that is added up by the logo with an O and X formed out of the stacked round shapes. The thickness of the shapes and writing enhances a feeling of solidity and weight which adds a touch of legitimacy.The Company recognizes the rights of every individual in the developing nations. its support to humanity attracts many clients to support the organization. Nonprofit Communication Plan: Oxfam International

Task 3


Both Companies advertise its products to through the media services such as the Television, social media and others. For example, Qatar Airways advertisement appearing at BBC over its branding and the same ways is Oxfam clothing boutique and charity made use of the various media. Moreover, both Companies are involved with constant improvement of the logo to create a new taste to its clients.


Qatar Airways use an ongoing pricing strategy due to existence of Emirates as the leading. It prices are controlled by its competitor since they can’t raise or lower the prices. On the other hand, Oxfam clothing boutique and charity uses psychological pricing by encouraging its customers to leave their change at the donation box. Moreover, Qatar is a major sponsor of high profile sporting activities such as world tourism day while Oxfam works for trade injustices and reduce poverty levels.

D1 – Effectiveness of marketing techniques

Marketed products:
Branding techniqueThe shift and promotion of the brand image has been consistent.The use of an animal ‘’Arabian Oryx’’ making people to think it’s based due to their logo.This has built loyalty, desire stimulation and building awareness.The Company has constantly been advertising its brand through the BBC after every 30 seconds.
Pricing techniquesThis has allowed it be steady in the market with following Emirates.The technique has not allowed the Company to rise beyond its competitor EmiratesThe technique has reduced unhealthy competition levels. This has made the Companies to think on international business than regional.Qatar has sought to engage more in the African-middle east services.
Customer relation techniqueThis has improved client’s loyalty to use the services.The strategy has in recent times attracted competition from the leading competitor Emirates.The Company network has increased.Qatar has awarded the clients goods such as watches.

Task 4

Qatar Airways objective is to be the leading Air-services in the entire world and services all the nations over 80 destinations worldwide. Therefore, to meet their objective they have embraced various promotion strategies or techniques to ensure that entire world understands their services. They have agreed buy up to 60 of the new generation Airbus A350s. These promotion levels through BBC have increased its network globally. The potential drawback to meeting their strategy is the fear to compete with Emirates by playing at their standards. Perhaps, I believe it is an effective strategy. The Company ought to move and place its prices higher or lower than Emirates.