Negative images of the Black women by the White power structure

Negative images of the Black women by the White power structure





 Racism has become an illusion factor that has led to the denial and hate to the humanity especially the non-white ethnic groups. According to Jordan Zachary, the race is unavoidable, and the media strengthen this through the use of the graphic images stereotypes that were created by the white power structure to torcher the blacks. For example the Jezebel stereotype of the sambo and Mammie which was used by the whites in power to display that the black women were happy with the situation and that they are not complaining to be slaves. The Mammie symbol was used to demonstrate happiness and obedience in serving the masters and was used to place a justification to providing solutions to the moral dilemma of slavery in the society. The images were negative to the reality in the community. Therefore, racism has created several stereotypes that have negative effects to the American society.

The image of sambo used displayed a different message and myth to the American society that the black women are childlike and irresponsible beings. It was a complicated form of belief on how an individual can be happy as a slave and the fact that they are untrustworthy and yet they were the one performing all the tasks in the white’s houses. The justification of their roles especially for the black women was negatively represented through the media groups. The pictorial images which were negative from the whites continued to cycle increasing the cycle of race from one generation to another. The images were represented through the entire generation and displayed a sense of inequality regarding color, gender, race, and religion. Moreover, the reference to black women as Bitches was also a form of racism displayed.