Small Pieces Loose Joined Reflection





Question 1

David Weinberger has published several articles that are being read globally like the small pieces loosely joined. His idea about the web introduces us to the reality of the second world where people like Tim Bray whose maps can reveal what is in the center and the heart of the new web space (Weinberger, 2008). Moreover, Weinberger has enabled us to understand that the web has managed more than just hooking us up to our species in our global space unlike the previous advancement in technology such as the phones. However, the web is perhaps a permanent space that can gather values when someone happens to a web page or replies to the lists of the mail. The article has helped the society to understand that the web is a second world that is placed on top of the reality where we are living in that draws more and more into it, our social lives in the community. The web has also helped the society to understand the power of maps in giving and harboring information when interpreted well with the people who knows it and can explain.

Weinberger is the first designer to account for the web regarding the social and the intellectual concepts that have enabled us to understand its actual impact on our lives. The web has managed to transform the current life of the people like the social institutions and to understand the level of technology that is taking place in the global world. Moreover, the information has enabled us to understand how to deal with some insecurity like hackers in the society and what we can do to prevent the mess or the process (Weinberger, 2008).

Question 2

The current life is made up of things and the communication equipment that moves and speeds up our lives. The communication gadgets like the phones and the computers are made in such a way to speed up the tasks like browsing for the sake of meeting the demands of people. The development is done through the connections of several webs lines to make the speed efficient. It has taken the software developers to sit down and improve using the map as a grid and as a source of information to understand what they are supposed to do and perform. The happenings confirm Weinberger analysis of the web closing up and speeding our communication and interaction with people. It’s threading effect, the weaving of our time and has control over it. The web has managed to control almost the most important aspects of people lives like the business world using the technology of the web to perform its roles and meet the clients and other duties (Weinberger, 2008).

Moreover, the current life is composed of people with value due to the web and its effects in our lives (Weinberger, 2008). The constant emergence of technology has improved the beauty of life and has increased the confidence of man due to the value that is being added by the web technology and the skills which make man to feel they are of importance to the society and not worthless. The Weinberger analysis explains the same facts and describes the web as a public space that has the power to bridge or rather solving the old contradictions that existed in viewing ourselves as faceless members of the society but rather as face-full and individual persons in the community.

Question 3

The real world tactics have made most of the companies to come up with various designs of making their sites more stick than usual (Weinberger, 2008). These resulted in unhealthy competition between the Microsoft and trickster which when based on wider thought it was just a favor to the trick master. The reason for this is the fact of gaining control over the clients to stick to the sites of the company. The designers like the Microsoft who spend most of their precious time to develop software for the society and this gaining some clients due to the blog that they create on behalf of their customers.

According to Weinberger analysis, as a designer, we should think of web space as not constructed by things that are around us and have clean edges but with things that are beyond themselves and that means participation is needed for an effective web design to be established. The existence of the several links within a network is what holds the web together, and it is therefore very vivid that without the links there will be no web page. Moreover, we can deduce that the more the connections within the network, the stronger will the web in the grid. Most of the top sites globally are always dominated by Yahoo and other sites like the Gmail that improves their value in the web. Therefore, a site that wants to be of value should consider linking up with some sites like the Yahoo that will be able to make the clients stick around the space (Weinberger, 2008).


Weinberger, D. (2008). Small pieces loosely joined: A unified theory of the Web. Basic Books.