Scholarship Application page questions

Scholarship Application page questions

· Please provide a short answer to the following questions:

 How do you exemplify Mercy College’s core values of Knowledge, Reverence, Integrity, Compassion, and Excellence? *

I exemplify knowledge by having a thirst to acquire more information that can help improve the wellbeing of human beings. I am always motivated to reach greater heights in knowledge development and research. I demonstrate reverence by showing deep respect for fellow human beings and to God. I demonstrate integrity by having strong moral principles. I believe in honesty, respect, fairness, and caring. I always practice moral principles. I exemplify compassion by showing kindness and empathy to other people. I show profound concern for the people in need.  I also hope to be beneficial to the people in need after acquiring my nursing degree. I demonstrate excellence through my hard work. This is why I have been performing exemplary all through. I also have the desire and ambition to continue surpassing standards to attain quality.

 Please describe how Mercy College has helped you to pursue your personal, educational, and career goals.

My personal goal is to be able to give back to my community and make my family proud. Pursuing the nursing program at Mercy College of Health Sciences will help me pursue the goal. My educational goal is to get a BSN.  Mercy College will ensure that I achieve the best possible enlightenment in this field essential for getting the BSN. Additionally, the institution will enable me to pursue nursing as a calling considering that it is a reputable institution. Eventually, I will be able to join the United States Navy as an officer which is my career goal.

 Please include any other information that you believe is important for us to consider as part of your scholarship application.

To excel in a nursing career, one has to achieve the required knowledge and skills. This is the only way to provide nursing services without conflicts. It is only by studying at Mercy College of Health Sciences that I can attain the required knowledge and skills to practice nursing exceptionally. Additionally, I migrated from Ethiopia two decades ago to pursue education and become a valuable person in my community. A nursing degree from a reputable college as Mercy College would definitely make me a valuable person to the community.