Week 5 Discussion Board and Reflection

Week 5 Discussion Board and Reflection





Part 1

In the nutrition performance, I choose to focus on the effective dietary plans by the economic and cultural factors that surround most of the families globally. Perhaps, I took the topic so that I will answer some of the questions that I have been asked most of the times when children in some of the families especially the poor die of malnutrition conditions without any reason. It came to my knowledge that most of the parents in this economic pressured areas not only do they lack finances to get the right balance diet for their children but also they lack the essential skills about what types of foods they should give to the child and at what age. Moreover, my primary concern is to make sure that there is a healthy balance to all families and not that some of the family suffers to a balanced diet while others receive them easily in life (CA Dept of Education, 2017).

The additional opportunities to study the topic can be found on the government research health and safety team to inquire about the state of health in the entire nation. Most of the research institutes in the country and other nations globally have the mandate to perform such extensive study on the health issues, and perhaps this will give the opportunity to join the team or rather research person (CA Dept of Education, 2017).  The other possibilities will be during my project work in the coursework where each of the students is required to give and be examined on one of the research programs to get the full competency on the course. Several opportunities could allow me to conduct the study efficiently and get the desired solution.

The questions that could help me explore the topic are; what are some of the initiative that has been taken before to solve the problem? What is the source of the economic difficulties? What are the roles of the families in this issue? What are some of the dietary health cases that have been handled before and what is perhaps the mode of action of the government?

Part 2

Personally, I would feel bad since my best meal someone is referring to as seaweed that is found alongside the sea. It is general for a child to accept and enjoy with others what they have to show that what they have or perhaps like is very much important to others as well. In the Bong’s food, I would be thinking that what has been eating is a waste and my parents have never mentioned to me about the issue. Moreover, I would think that the food is worse than never. On the other hand, like Jason, I would feel irritated for my friend to eat something that I have never seen and I would think that maybe I don’t know much and I need to learn more about other foodstuffs.

 Moreover, as their teacher, I will pretend first to have listened to what they did discuss and watch the reaction of both. Then I will wait for them in class and teach the entire class on various foods that are available and essential for our nutrition contents and even mention about the food that Bong had. This will make Bong not to hate the food that he had liked ever since and also to create a learning environment for Jason and others to learn the new magic.


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